3 Beauty Looks That Will Be Popular in 2024

Photo by Ashley Piszek on Unsplash

Who doesn’t love a new beauty look to experiment with? 2023 has given us the strawberry girl aesthetic, “clean girl” makeup, and variations on coffee-inspired looks. For 2024, we can expect more of these food-themed beauty looks, as well as some seriously fun eye makeup, some classic, feminine looks as well as some trends that are a little more out there and experimental. Here’s your low down of three of the biggest beauty looks that will trend next year.

Colorful Lashes

Forget the subtle and sensible beauty looks that accompanied the quiet luxury clothing on the runways, 2024 is going to let loose and have a little fun in the form of colored mascara and false lashes. Expect to see an array of shades adorning eyes, especially paler shades of blue, green, and pink as we move into the spring and summer seasons.

Baby Doll Blush

While blush can be used to create bold, dramatic shapes and shading on the face, in 2024 it will be kept subtle and pretty. Cream blush melts into the skin and creates a stunning, rosy glow. Pair this with simple eye makeup and a similar rosy tone on the lips to create a modern, ultra-feminine look.

Graphic Shapes

You can start practicing with your eyeliner pencil now because 2024 is going to demand some serious precision. From the finest feline flicks you’ve ever seen, to bold, blocky shapes, eyeliner will be used to make some serious statements next year. If you’re going big on the eyes, keep it subtle on the lips with a nude shade or sheer gloss.