3 Chocolate Trends That Are Coming Soon

Photo by Michele Blackwell on Unsplash

Chocolate is always on trend, but this year this beloved sweet treat will get some updates which will make it even more delicious. From new flavors to innovative ways of serving the treat, here are the chocolate trends we’ll all be trying.

Vegan Chocolate

Although the overall trend for vegan food is quieting down, demand for excellent vegan chocolate is still on the up. Whether people are avoiding dairy for health or ethical reasons, 2024 will see the release of a number of ethical, plant-based chocolate bars. With ingredients ranging from coconut to cashews to almond butter, many of these bars will offer a nutrient boost from the wholesome, healthy ingredients.

Vitamin Chocolate

Just as cereal bars have become fortified with essential nutrients and vitamins, more and more chocolate bars will be adapted to include those nutrients that many of us miss out on. Without affecting the taste, these added nutrients will up the health factor of the average bar of chocolate, giving us more reasons to indulge.

Fruit Chocolate

Following a general food trend that will set fruit front and center, many chocolate brands will be focusing on delicious fruit flavors. From mango and mint to banana and cream, fruit flavors can add depth and interest to chocolate and are sure to prove a big hit.