3 Emerging Travel Trends You Should Consider Embracing This Fall

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

Most people use their vacation days in summer and winter, but fall can be the perfect time to embrace the sense of adventure. September and October are the best months to hit the road due to mild temperatures, and you can plan a perfect vacation by trying these emerging travel trends.


Glamping is a glamorous alternative to camping, and it comes with all the amenities of a regular hotel stay. Summer may be over, but this trend isn’t going anywhere—just make sure to check the weather forecast before your glamping adventure.

Hidden Gems

Staycations and local day-trips became all the rage this summer, but what if you’ve already seen everything there is to see in your home country? If you feel this way, it’s probably because you haven’t done proper research, so use this fall to discover hidden gems your country has in store.

Longer Stays

Many accommodation providers received month-long reservations in the last few months, with many people trying to get away from home for the long haul. If you’re working from home, this trend is perfect for you because it allows you to change the scenery and recharge your batteries.