3 Food Trends to Stay on Top of in 2024

Photo by Anto Meneghini on Unsplash

As we enter a new year, there will be some shifts when it comes to wellness and food culture. The focus will remain on health and wellbeing, but with perhaps a little more balance and recognition of what real life is like. This may look like mixing a healthy smoothie with an indulgent pastry at breakfast or taking a more relaxed approach to exercise. Some food trends will be making a big splash throughout 2024, here are three of the hottest.

Nice and Spicy

The penchant for chillis and all things spicy is going nowhere, in fact, next year will see a proliferation of extra hot sauces taking off in the market. Some people are consuming these for the apparent health benefits that spicy chillis can bring, others love the taste, and a few even seek the challenge of consuming ultra-hot sauce. If the seriously hot stuff isn’t for you, stick to a traditional jalepeno-based sauce to serve alongside vegetables, chips, and more.

Grazing Boards

Coming in hot on the heels of 2023’s girl dinners (which generally consist of small snack plates), grazing and charcuterie boards will be big news next year. These will be made modern through additions such as artisanal dried fruits, which pair beautifully with cheese and meats.

Sparkling Infusions

In line with the trend for drinking less alcohol (or none at all), there will be a big focus on naturally distilled alcohol-free drinks. Look out for sparkling citrus flavors, or more original twists such as grapefruit and passionfruit or strawberry and cream.