3 Hair Shades Which Will Be Big in 2024

Blonde hair
Photo by Dillon Kydd on Unsplash

While most of us have certain hair shades and tones that suit our complexions best, it can be worth taking note of the colors that are big news on the catwalks and in fashion magazines. Sometimes, we can include elements of these shades, for example, many of us went for highlights in a ‘rich blonde’ hue in 2023, in imitation of influential celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Hayley Bieber. For 2024, some shades will be big news and are sure to trickle down into hair salons, so keep an eye on these hues over the next year.

Pearl Pink

A few years ago, it was all about rose gold tones. Pearl pink is a shiny sheen of metallic pink, threaded through the hair in the form of highlights, or washed over in the form of a tint. This is a pink that stays classy and professional, and the warm tones complement many skin tones and styles. If you’re feeling nervous about going pink, ask for some subtle highlights before committing more.

Deep Red

Auburn has ruled the catwalks this year, but for 2024 we’re returning to deeper reds which work when combined with brunette hair. These rich, warm shades are glossy and complex and look best when your stylist goes for a multi-tonal look to create movement, body, and shine in the hair.

Pale Blonde

After a season that has celebrated darker, more muted blonde tones, we’re moving back to seeing very pale, almost platinum-blonde shades topping the trend charts. Achieving this can cause some serious damage, so take it slow, consult a professional, and start with highlights to ease your hair in.