3 Lifestyle Trends to Embrace This Year

Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim on Unsplash

Making small changes to your lifestyle can have a big impact on your mental health. From prioritizing sleep to trying midday yoga, here are three ways you can take on some of the lifestyle trends this year.

Ditch the Alarm

Sleep health experts have come up with a radically simple approach to improving your sleep—ditch the alarm. While this only works for those of us who can have flexible work hours or a later start to the working day, evidence suggests it does work. The approach works by setting a bedtime (so you ensure you’re always in bed at a certain time of night), but then not setting an alarm for the morning. The idea is that you will naturally wake at the optimal point, once you’ve had enough sleep and rest. It also avoids the stress and panic which can ensue when the alarm suddenly wakes you.

Try Yoga at Midday

Morning yoga has long been a trend, and for those of us who work evening classes are often the best option. However, this year there will be a focus on using your lunch hour to get some healthy movement in. Not only does this break up the working day, it ensures that those of us who work in desk-bound jobs loosen up stiff muscles and joints, and it can also have a positive impact on energy levels for the rest of the afternoon. Even ten minutes can have a positive effect, so roll out that yoga mat.

Evening Meditation

Setting aside some time each evening to do a meditation will become a big focus for many of us in 2024. Sometimes, mornings are too rushed and busy, and the middle of the day can be too distracting—this makes evenings, perhaps post-dinner when you’re relaxed, the ideal time to settle down and focus on stilling your mind and taking deep breaths.