3 Trending Landscape Design Ideas

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Having a neat backyard or any other open space has become a luxury in today’s overpopulated world, but it’s also a necessity given the fact we spend so little time outdoors. Here are the top 3 landscape design ideas that are trending right now, in case you have an outdoor space that needs some extra attention.

Simple and Functional

Similarly to interior design, our exteriors are becoming simpler and more functional with every year. More and more people are looking for ideas that will give them a sleek result and a functional space that can be used throughout all the seasons.

Color Blue

Blue is Pantene’s Color of the Year 2020, so it’s not surprising that it’s trending in many different industries. Think of ways to include more shades of blue in landscape design for a modern and calming effect.


Turn your landscape into whatever you want it to be! You can grow your own veggies, plant native greenery, or create a space where kids can play – it’s totally up to you.

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I love drone shots! It’s like taking a step back from the design and noticing where customization can be added. This is our fire pit area of the gardens. This is where we end up almost every night, Cooking and Eating fresh from the garden. This was a two year project, broken up into two stages, due to budget and time. From this view, it makes me want to add large paver stones around the fire pit. Some terra cotta and natural colored tones would really add a lot. We will have to price them out because this wasn’t on our list of projects, but i almost think it needs to be!! 🤣😂 Where the table is placed, you see a lot of gravel. it is actually just a very fine spread pea gravel to match, but underneath it is true driveway gravel. This is our main driveway through the garden to be able to run trucks through to add new gardens, trees or whatever other materials we will need to continue building onto our lifelong project of building The Garden Farm. 🌿:::: Every once in awhile I get a vision of my older self. I’m looking down at my hands, and even though they are rough, dirty and worn, I look super happy and accomplished. When I look up, I see everything we’ve created over our lifetime. It’s the completed version of our Garden Farm. But….. I also see that twinkle in my eye. The one that says, “I have an Idea!”::::🌿 I will never stop! It may be projects in the garden that we are obsessed with, but it’s who we are, real life, real work, real people.❤️

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