4 Cool Beaded Jewelry Brands to Check Out

Scrolling through Instagram or just walking down the street, it’s been impossible to miss the recent takeover of the eye-catching, playful, craftcore-inspired beaded jewelry. Like many of the biggest trends these days, it’s a fun interpretation of Y2K fashion and 90s style. Even celebrities like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid have been spotted sporting beaded pieces. If you are inspired to hop on the beaded train or want to expand your collection, here are some cool beaded jewelry brands to check out.

Ian Charms

When LA-based designer Lisa Sahakian was looking for fun and original handmade jewelry for a gift she just couldn’t find what she wanted on the market. So she started her own brand—“Ian Charms”. From food-themed charms to locket-style images of celebrities, Sahakian’s whimsical beaded creations are filled with personality and humor.

Shroom Spoon

Launched in 2020 by designer Gena Wachendorfer, Shroom Spoon is your go-to brand for colorful candy-like earrings. Each earring is sold as a single, which may seem strange at first, but it gives you endless mixing and matching opportunities. 

Picinc Blanket

Picnic Blanket, by designer Katie Rawsthorne, focuses on dreamy pastel-color beaded jewelry. But make no mistake, the soft color palette doesn’t mean the pieces make any less of a statement.

Mudd Pearl

From pastel colors to pearl-centered designs—Mudd Pearl, by Yasmin Moon and Mary Anderson, gives a more minimalist and sophisticated interpretation to the playful aesthetic of beaded jewelry. Instead of bright colors, they offer neutral shades and unexpected shapes.