Banana Milk Is the Most Popular Milk Right Now

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Banana milk may be just the thing you need right now, especially if you can’t drink dairy or nut milk. While banana milk is not a new thing, and many remember drinking it as kids, it’s been forgotten and is just regaining popularity now. 

You can easily make banana milk at home using only a few ingredients and a blender. Obviously, you’ll need bananas and some water, and other ingredients depending on what you want it to taste like. You can add vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, or something else. Once you decide on the ingredients, put everything in the blender, and your banana milk will be ready in a few minutes!

How healthy is banana milk? It’s actually pretty great for you, given that it contains potassium and no added sugar. A cup can have around 60 calories or up to 150, depending on what you put into your milk. 

Stores are offering a great selection of banana milk, if you’d like to try some without making a mess at home.

What do you think, could banana milk be the next great thing?