Best Ways to Embrace the Candycore Trend This Holiday Season

Christmas cookies
Photo by Valentina Dominguez on Unsplash

This holiday season is bringing many amazing home décor trends our way, and candycore is one of the very best. This emerging craze is all about putting a sweet twist on your holiday decorations, and our brief guide will help you get it done!

Color Scheme

Many people avoid candy-themed holiday decorations because they look all over the place—and they’re not necessarily wrong. Luckily, you can easily avoid this problem by sticking to a color scheme and only picking decorations that fit into it, ideally red, white, and green.

Candy Cane Bonanza

Speaking of red and white, candy canes are usually the focal point of the candycore holiday trend. In addition to easily fitting with other decorations, they’re also the easiest to find because most home décor stores offer an abundance of candy cane ornaments come holiday season.


If you’re leaning towards a more neutral color scheme, gingerbread-inspired decorations will get you there. From gingerbread-shaped ornaments to cookie jars, houses, mugs, and stockings, you’ll find countless décor pieces adorned with this motif.

Gifts & Sweets

Decorating your home with candy-themed ornaments is half the fun, and your Christmas gifts and dinner should follow suit. Buy candy-themed wrapping paper for the gifts, and consider setting up a candy buffet so your guests can treat themselves to their favorite sweet delights.