Black Christmas Trees: Hottest Holiday Craze Of 2018

The holiday season always brings dozens of exciting decorating trends, but it’s sometimes a little bit difficult to stan some of them. Black Christmas trees are apparently all the rage right now, and in all honesty – we don’t see a difference.

Before you start freaking out, just keep in mind green trees are not going anywhere. They are still the most popular option out there, but black is in the second spot. Online home decor retailer Wayfair, reported a 70% increase in site searches for these ebony evergreens since last year.

It’s the closest thing you get to the green, but some people wanted to switch things up just in time for the holiday season. It doesn’t mean they’re ditching traditional greenery forever. They’re just putting a fun spin on Christmas by trying out a new darker tone.

If you decide to go down this road, keep in mind to go with tree decorations of a lighter color so they could really stand out on your tree. White, silver, gold and light blue are a must if you decided to give black Christmas trees a chance.