Bo Burnham’s “Inside” is Coming to Movie Theaters

Bo Burnham at the 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards.
Bo Burnham at the 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards. Photo by Rob Latour/Shutterstock (10117229h)

Since it came out on May 30th, Bo Burnham’s Netflix comedy special Inside has been talked about pretty much nonstop. Audiences and critics alike have been raving about nearly every aspect of the special, including its cinematography, relatable messages, poignant music, sharp wit, and unique qualities.

Well, it turns out that Netflix is seeing the potential of this comedy special beyond just what it usually does with its content—streaming on its platform—and has decided to offer it on a limited, one-day-only release to movie theaters. That’s right, in a groundbreaking move totally new to the streaming industry, Netflix is teaming up with Iconic Events to release Inside to audiences in theaters nationwide on July 22nd.

Though if you want to check it out, which you probably do, you’ll want to hurry up and get your tickets, because they’re selling out quickly. (The good news is new screening times and theaters are being added to keep up with the demand.)

And while the window of opportunity to get emotional in a dark room with other people while watching this “comedy” special is small (one day only), maybe if it’s successful, Netflix will start releasing its films to theaters more often.