“Bookshelf Wealth” is TikTok Home Décor Craze That You Need in Your Life

TikTok introduced us to so many trends over the years that it’s tough to figure out which ones are worth trying, but “bookshelf wealth” is definitely one of them. This trendy aesthetic is all the rage right now, but what is it all about and how can you welcome it into your home?

The buzzy term “bookshelf wealth” started trending thanks to Kailee Blalock, the co-founder of the interior design studio House of Hive. Her TikTok video explaining this aesthetic racked up over a million views and gave a new name to a home décor trend that’s been around for decades.

@houseofhive Bookshelf Wealth, what it is and how to achieve it #greenscreen #bookshelfwealth #interiordesign #designtok #2024designtrends ♬ original sound – House of Hive Design Co

“Bookshelf wealth” is all about pairing your carefully curated book collection with other home décor pieces that give your home an authentic vibe. It’s a rejection of the perfectly manicured bookshelves arranged by color or genre that we often see on Instagram and TikTok feeds of book influencers, in favor of a more genuine look.

This look is cluttered, without looking too messy, and it puts an emphasis on authenticity. According to Blalock, “books that have actually been curated and read” are an essential part of this aesthetic, along with cozy seating areas, mixed patterns and colors, task lighting, and collectors’ items put on a full display.

If you love reading and design in equal measure, “bookshelf wealth” will be your cup of tea, especially since it’s not just another buzzy aesthetic that will fade away in no time, but something you can build upon over the years.