Bubble Rings: The Latest Trendy ’90s Accessory

Bubble rings
Image via anna_georgievna/depositphotos

Do you remember when you were a child having tons of plastic jewelry, specifically chunky, colorful rings? Well, it’s time to go through your jewelry collection and find them because these child-like ’90s accessories are having a major comeback and they’ve been spotted on influencers and celebrities including Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Miley Cyrus. These fun accessories, called bubble rings, will bring a smile to your face, and the more you stack the better.

Bubble rings are made of plastic or enamel and they have become one of the top jewelry trends this year. What’s great about them is they allow you to show off your personal style because they include embellishments or jewels. There are even monogrammed options and ones with smiley faces.

You can pile them on for a color explosion, adding one or two to each finger or you can go a subtler route by sticking with one or two statement rings. For an even greater impact, match them to your manicure.

If you prefer a more sophisticated look and bright colors and neons aren’t your aesthetic, look for ones in gold, metal, or silver. You’ll be on-trend without compromising your personal style.

What do you think of bubble rings? Do you prefer to leave this trend in the ’90s?