Bumble Predicts Dating Trends That Will Shape the World Next Year

Photo by Good Faces Agency on Unsplash

Bumble is one of the world’s leading dating apps, and they know exactly what the dating scene has in store for us in 2024. From cross-generational relationships to focusing on dating people with emotional intimacy and shared values, Bumble unveiled the list of dating trends we’ll be seeing everywhere next year.

Bumble conducted a survey that included over 25,000 people using their app worldwide to offer an insight into what to expect from our dating lives in 2024.

“Daters are looking at 2024 as the year of self. They’re rejecting the constant quest for perfection, discarding outdated timelines, and placing more value on emotional vulnerability and shared priorities,” reads Bumble’s press release.

The first trend to make it to Bumble’s list sees the app’s users widening their age range filters, with 63% of people claiming age is not a defining factor when dating. Emotional intimacy is more important than ever to women on Bumble, with 78% saying their partner has to have an understanding of both emotional and physical intimacy.

As for the other trends that made it to Bumble’s list for 2024, engagement in social causes, rejection to seek constant self-improvement, and open-hearted masculinity are also having a moment on this dating app. Bumble users are also rejecting dating milestones, embracing quality over quantity, and seeking partners who share their love of sports.