Classic Millennial Style vs. Gen Z Style

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Trends come and go from year to year, but many stand the test of time and remain popular for a while. However, they don’t usually stay around forever and we often see a contrast in trends between generations. As Gen Z style continues to take over from Millennial looks, here are some clashing trends from each era. 

Millennial: Skinny Jeans

Any Millennial will know that skinny jeans were one of the biggest trends while growing up. For a long time, any other style of jeans was practically ignored in favor of this skin-tight, figure-hugging denim.

Gen Z: Baggy Jeans

In direct contrast to Millennials, skinny jeans are widely regarded as uncool by the younger generation today. There are loads of styles of jeans that are in instead, and most of them are a baggier, more casual fit.

Millennial: Flat Shoes

Whether it’s a chic ballet pump or a buckled ankle boot, footwear for Millenials was all about the flat sole. This delicate and feminine style was popular for some time.

Gen Z: Chunky Shoes

Chunky footwear has been big for a while now, which again is the direct opposite of the shoes of Millennial fashion. Platform trainers and chunky boots are all the rage currently.