Cow Hugging is the Latest Wellness Craze Taking the World by Storm

Just when we thought the cottagecore trend is slowly fading away, it made a comeback in an unusual new form. Cow hugging emerged as the latest global wellness trend and it apparently offers an incredibly soothing and serene experience.

According to the BBC, this trend emerged in the Netherlands, where it’s known by the name “koe knuffelen”. The rural town of Reuver put this wellness craze on the map, but farms across Europe and the U.S. now offer a similar experience to visitors.

Cow huggers usually start their tour by checking out the farm, before joining the cows and cuddling up to them for two to three hours. Some farms have been offering cow hugging tours for years, but they’re becoming increasingly popular during the social distancing era.

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Just a girl and her cow…

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Cow cuddling is a form of positive energy exchange and it’s incredibly soothing for both parties. Cows make good hugging partners due to their warm body temperatures and slow heartbeat. It’s believed that this experience can lead to the release of the social bonding hormone oxytocin, promoting positivity, and reducing stress.