Dalgona Coffee Is the Best Coffee Drink to Make at Home

We definitely didn’t imagine the spring of 2020 like this. Instead of being outside and enjoying coffee in our favorite cafes, we’re all forced to stay at home and try to make a beverage that’s not disappointing. Luckily, one of the latest food trends is actually the most popular way to make coffee in quarantine, so we decided to give it a shot and we loved it!

Dalgona coffee was named after the popular South Korean dalgona candy. It’s pretty easy to make and you’re going to love the taste.

You’ll Need

  • instant coffee
  • granulated sugar
  • hot or cold milk
  • ice if you want an iced coffee

How to Make

  1. Mix equal parts of instant coffee, sugar, and water in a bowl. Use a mixer to turn it into a whipped coffee mixture. It may take a few minutes to achieve this.
  2. Take a tall glass or a mug, add ice if you want, then pour milk. There’s no need for ice if you’re making it with hot milk.
  3. Transfer the coffee mixture on top of the milk with a spoon and enjoy your trendy and delicious coffee.