Delta Variant Memes are Bringing Humor During Dark Times

There’s no doubt the pandemic has caused a lot of our plans to get changed or canceled and over a year and a half into it, unfortunately, it’s still a huge part of our lives. Now that the Delta variant is in full swing, it looks like our fall plans won’t be happening after all. While there’s nothing funny about the coronavirus, people have used social media to cope with the situation.

People have created the fall plans vs. the Delta variant meme which has two photos with one being my fall plans and the other being the Delta variant. Social media users have thought of everything imaginable from Will Smith from I Am Legend going on a Cosco run to a cookie tin filled with sewing supplies.

According to the website Know Your Meme, which tracks popular internet memes, the first known use of the “fall plans” meme was posted by Twitter user @jush_for_fun, referencing the participants in Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Some memes have featured pop culture icons and moments from sports, TV, and movies with “fall plans” being a character or person and the “delta variant” being the person or object standing in the way.

People have been having lots of fun with the memes, and perhaps it’s a way to get some humor out of a dark, grim situation. What do you think of the memes?