Elyse Tolles Will Inspire You to Rock a Pair of Funky Earrings

After a year of lockdown, you best believe we’re going to rock our most outrageous, out-there outfits this summer. PJs out, statement earringsβ€”very much in! One small jewelry brand we’ve got our eyes on is Elysian Theory. Established in 2015 by designer Elyse Tolles (hence the name), the brand offers sculptural, dreamy, and effortlessly artful pieces that don’t necessarily require a special occasion.

The antithesis to mass-produced fast-fashion, Elysian Theory jewelry embodies intentionality and serves as wearable art, with designs inspired by Art Deco elegance.

According to Tolles, the name Elysian means beautiful, blissful, and ethereal. Derived from Ancient Greek, it literally means β€œto be deeply stirred from joy.” And with pieces including mix and match charms and floral-shaped hoops, one can indeed achieve a level of happiness by wearing a pair.

Tolles explains that when it comes to wearing statement earrings it’s all about attitude. “Just rock them, because you’ll be getting compliments on them all day,” she relayed in an interview with Etsy’s blog. “That’s one of my favorite things about wearing fun earrings: Whenever I go out, people are like ‘Oh, those are so interesting.’ It’s a conversation piece.”

In terms of styling, Tolles recommends a combination of structured and unstructured: pairing a flowy dress made of a silky material or a long, pleated skirt with a more structured top or jacket. “All the earrings I make work really well with that sort of combination, I think,” she says. Indeed, part of her designs’ appeal is the juxtaposition of contemporary design paired with the unpresumptuous material of polymer clay alongside its old-world femininity appeal.

“My own personal style is very feminine, and I wanted to bring that into the brand as much as possible, but in a way that’s fresh and contemporary,” says Tolles. “I also wanted everything to feel elevated and not look overly sweet.”

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