Everyone on Instagram is Wearing This Nail Color

The seasonal fashion trends can be somewhat predictable, especially when we’re talking about colors. There’s a color palette for each season and many designers stick to it. It seems like fall trends are the least likely to see drastic changes here, as we all know which colors remind us of fall the most. We’re talking, of course, about various shades of yellow, orange, brown, purple, and green.

When it comes to nail trends, they typically follow the seasonal fashion. And in fall 2020, the top trend will be a specific shade of orange that we can describe as brick orange. It’s a bold color that pairs well with many typical fall colors so it will probably go great with most of your outfits. It reminds us of that specific shade of orange that we see on the tree leaves in the fall. It’s warm and great for combining with gold-colored rings. Your hands will look beautiful under a chunky sleeve of your favorite fall sweater!

Do you have a favorite fall nail color? Do you like to switch the colors up as the seasons change? We can’t wait to see what other colors will be popular in the coming months!