Fashion Trends You Can Expect to See This Summer

Bra as a top is one of 2021 summer trends
Photo by Tania Mousinho on Unsplash

Summer is just around the corner which means that the shorts are getting shorter, the sleeves are coming off, and hemlines are coming up. If you’re thinking ahead as to what you can wear in summer 2021, here are some trends that are going to be all over the place very soon.

Halter Tops

Just like many things that were big in the early 2000s, halter tops are coming back in full force this summer, so get ready to show off your sunkissed shoulders and potentially get comfortable with going braless.

Hot Pink

As far as colors go, one that you’re going to be seeing all over the place this summer is hot shades of pink. After all, they’re as bright and summer-y as anything.

Bras as Tops

Summer is all about showing skin and this trend is certainly a nod to the hot days we’re about to see. Too lazy and sweaty to put a shirt on? Don’t worry about it. Summer 2021 is very pro-wearing bras as a shirt.

Strappy Straps

One trend that actually feels fresh this summer is clothing with lots of straps crisscrossing all over the place, whether they originate from the top, bottom, or a one-piece.