From “Ted Lasso” to “Succession”, Fans of Acclaimed TV Shows are Pushing for Spin-Offs

Jason Sudeikis in
Jason Sudeikis in "Ted Lasso"

Several award-winning TV shows ended their run this spring, but their fans still haven’t accepted they’re really over. They’re pushing for potential spin-offs on social media, but could any of them actually come to fruition?


Succession could’ve gone on much longer than it did, but its creator Jesse Armstrong felt it was best to wrap up the story after four seasons. Several actors expressed interest to come back, from Nicholas Braun (Greg Hirsch) to J Cameron-Smith (Gerri), but it’s highly unlikely these spin-offs will happen anytime soon.


Anthony Carrigan got his big break with the role of NoHo Hank in Barry, and his character quickly became a fan favorite. He believes that his origin story would be fun to explore since he went a long way from moving from Chechnya to Los Angeles. The future of this beloved character is not in his hands, and he’d only come back if Bill Hader asked him to.

Ted Lasso

The ending of Ted Lasso is yet to officially be confirmed, but the Season 3 finale neatly wrapped up the journey of our favorite football coach. Ted returned back home, but the story could easily continue without him, especially since this show introduced us to a rich tapestry of characters who could carry it on their shoulders.