Get Groovy with These Fun Pattern Trends

Checkerboard pattern. It's totally groovy.
Photo by Olivia O'Connor on Unsplash

Bold print and fun patterns have become super trendy in 2021 and they’ve already taken over our social media. Neutrals and basics are officially out and statement pieces and color are in. It’s time to give your wardrobe a refresh with these groovy patterns trends. Here are five you’ll want to add to your collection.

Totally Groovy

The ’70 are back baby and so are graphic florals, marble swirls, and vibrant colors. It’s cutesy and fun—don’t be afraid to be bold.

Patched Up

Give your old clothes new life with this trend which is perfect for all of you DIYers. Of course, you can also buy patchwork pieces if you don’t want to chop up your closet.

Checked Out

Checkerboard is the new stripes and you can be safe with a black and white option or go all out with some bright colors. It’s time to bring out your Vans.

Ditsy Florals

Are you ready to live out the ’90s again? Daisy-printed pieces are blooming everywhere and this playful print is sure to bring some nostalgia into your closet.

Gingham Dreams

Gingham is a staple come spring and summer and while this print is super girly, you can edge it up with some combat boots.