Get Your Teddy Coat Ready for the Upcoming Winter

Where do you stand on teddy coats? Did you get one as soon as they appeared, or are you still resisting this trend?

From what we’re seeing now, the upcoming winter will be the season to remove all doubts that teddy coats are here to stay, so you may as well embrace the trend and get comfy and warm!

Teddy coats were nowhere to be seen after the ‘80s, until 2013 when Max Mara introduced this piece once again. Since then, more and more brands have been including it in their winter collections and virtually all Instagram fashion bloggers own at least one to flaunt on their winter photos. It’s hard to resist when we see how comfy and cozy they look!

After several years of breaking into the world of trends, teddy coat has become a staple and even classic piece that every girl needs in her closet. It’s great for combining with all kinds of outfits – from jeans and a sweater to elegant dresses and shoes, teddy coat sits comfortably on top of anything you may wear in the winter.

Do you have one? What’s your favorite color for a teddy coat?