Have You Tried Allulose?

It’s 2020, and we’ve reached a full circle — we’re now swapping sugar for sugar. The latest sugar substitute craze comes from allulose, another ingredient with an ambition to replace sugar, but the weirdest thing about it is that it’s technically a sugar, too. Let’s explain.

Allulose is not a new thing, but it’s just getting popular. It can be found in nature in foods like figs and raisins, but in amounts so small that it’s often called a “rare sugar.” It’s also single sugar, or monosaccharide, with the molecular formula identical to common sugar.

The only reason you’re just hearing about it is that companies weren’t able to produce it in an efficient way until now. Expect to start seeing it everywhere pretty soon!

Why Is It Better Than Sugar?

The trick is that our bodies don’t handle allulose in the same way as they do with other sugars. Unlike regular sugar, which provides our bodies instant energy by entering the bloodstream quickly, allulose pretty much just passes through our system, which is why it has a low caloric value.

Have you tried allulose yet?