Have You Tried Disco Brows Yet?

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Photo by Nicola Styles on Unsplash

In recent years, beauty trends have moved toward sparklier, more colorful, and more out there looks a la 2019’s hit teen TV show Euphoria. And a recent makeup trend that really embraces this approach is the disco brow trend, which is blowing up on TikTok.


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Disco brows are bold, but rather simple. It involves brushing out the eyebrows and applying shimmering or glittery eyeshadows or pigments on top of them. Some might say in a way that is reminiscent of a disco ball (get it?).

It’s not exactly the kind of trend that people are wearing every day, but it’s a fun look to try on a special occasion or if you’re just playing around at home. You can even just swipe on a quick coat of glitter gel onto your brows if you want to do it quickly and with little effort or skill required.

Whether you choose a reddish or copper color that blends in with your brows or a totally out there jewel tone, disco brows are definitely a showstopper. Check out our favorite disco brow inspiration below to see how you can incorporate the look into your beauty routine.