Have You Tried Drawn-On Freckles Yet?

Photo by ali nejatian on Unsplash

It’s a surprising beauty look that first emerged a few years ago and shows no signs of going away: drawn-on freckles. Freckles instantly speak on sunkissed skin and warm holidays, so it’s understandable why many people want to fake them, even in the winter months. If you’re thinking of giving drawn-on freckles a go, check out these tips on how to perfect them.

Choose Your Tool

Some people draw on their freckles with an eye crayon, lightly smudging to make them blend into the skin. Others prefer to dip a thin eyeshadow brush into an appropriate shade of eyeshadow and paint on their freckles. This second method can look a little more natural and lasts longer, but be aware that perfecting it takes practice.

Less is More

When you’re first trying out this look, remember that less is more. Start by highlighting an area of your face, such as the bridge of your nose, with a few well-placed freckles. Trying to add them everywhere is not only time-consuming, but it can also look a bit intense and unnatural.

Patience is Key

This look won’t work if your drawn-on freckles are bleeding into your cakey foundation. Make sure every layer of your base has time to dry and set before you add any freckles. Set them with a fine dusting of translucent powder, and try to avoid touching your face during the day—smudged freckles are not the look you’re going for here!