Homeware Trends for 2024 to Get Excited For

Photo by James Hollingworth on Unsplash

There are always exciting new trends that arise with each new year and styles in home decor are no exception to this. If you’re someone who loves having a home space that is up-to-date and on-trend, then here are some of the biggest homewares styles that will be in fashion for 2024.

Earth Tones

Instead of using grays and beiges as neutrals in home spaces, earthy tones are taking over. They offer the same subtlety and neutrality but also bring some warmth and coziness. This trend is easy to achieve, whether you want to update the paint on your walls with some earth colors or simply add some warm-toned accessories to your space.

Seventies Style

Retro and ’70s looks for homewares have been in for a little while, and 2024 will see this style’s popularity continuing. Think laidback chic with dark wood, rattan accessories, and shag carpets.


This is a really simple way to add some interesting accents and details to your home space and will be a big trend for the upcoming year. Opting for some ruffles on your cushions or pleats in your curtains helps add some depth to the room.