How Cardigans Became Cool in the Middle of the Summer

Fashion trends usually change with the seasons, but cardigans aren’t going anywhere. These cozy sweaters are associated with colder weather, so they’ll obviously be everywhere once fall arrives, but they’ve actually been trending all summer long.

Wearing a cardigan in the middle of the summer may seem weird because it’s too hot outside as it is, but there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this trend. There’s actually a link between this fashion craze and the music industry, thanks to Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

Many people fell in love with this cozy garment after Swift sent cardigans inspired by her new album “Folklore” to her celebrity fans and made them available on her website. Styles, on the other hand, inspired a TikTok craze with his rainbow patchwork cardigan by JW Anderson as many of his fans tried to knit their own version at home.

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Swift and Styles, however, are only two of many reasons why cardigans started trending, and it’s important to look at the bigger picture. Quarantine left us exploring new hobbies, including knitting and crocheting, that led to the explosion of cardigans on social media.

Most people only put them on to show off their amazing work, but postponed wearing them until fall. Others found comfort in their coziness and warmth as they replaced camping trips and nights by the beach with long days of binge-watching Netflix.