How That Iconic Staircase From “Joker” Became a Popular Tourist Attraction

Joker is one of the biggest box office hits of the year, and the buzz around it isn’t dying down anytime soon. Fans of this movie found a creative way to celebrate its success – by taking photos on the staircase in the Bronx which served as a setting for one of the most memorable scenes.

A couple of months ago, the stairs located on 1170 Shakespeare Avenue were just an ordinary piece of concrete, but those days are long gone. Joker’s dancing scene, which shows the Clown Prince of Crime taking a stroll down the stairs, changed everything after becoming a viral meme and ending up on a poster of Todd Phillips’ latest directorial effort.

This symbolic sequence captured Joker’s descent into total madness and transformation into a true villain. That’s probably why so many people were drawn to it and decided to pay it a visit.

Fans of the movie are flocking to the Bronx stairs on a daily basis, but locals are divided on this tourist phenomenon. Some are excited about the positive attention this movie is bringing to their neighborhood, while others don’t like it one bit because they feel it’s disrespectful to treat their community as a photo op.