How to Dye Your Hair at Home

Red hair
Photo by George Bohunicky on Unsplash

If you’re committed to hair dyeing, the chances are you’ve spent a fair amount of time (and money) in the stylist’s chair. Whilst getting your hair done professionally is always the safest and most effective route to dyeing your hair, if you feel the need to have a go at home make sure you follow these steps to ensure your safety and the final results of your hair.

Apron On

If you’re using a bleach-based dye, follow the safety instructions on the packet and make sure you’ve covered up your clothes and hands. Some people put a line of Vaseline or a similar product around their hairline, to protect the skin on their face if any bleach does drip. Some eye protection in the form of clear goggles is also a good idea. You also need to ensure that you’ve done a patch test, where you dab a tiny bit of the product behind your ear and leave it for 24 hours. If there is any burning, itchiness, or stinging, do not use the product and seek professional advice.

Apply Enough

A common mistake made when home dyeing is to use too little of the product. Buy an extra pack when you’re purchasing in-store because sometimes your hair unexpectedly soaks up more of the dye and there isn’t enough for your roots or the ends. It’s much better to have to discard some of the dye than to end up with patchy results. When applying, remember that the dye will take the fastest and strongest at your roots, so depending on the effect you’re going for, you may want to apply to the ends first before working upwards.

Consider the Timings

Most packet dyes will advise you to leave them on for between 30 – 45 minutes. Do not exceed the maximum stated time, beyond this point there is a risk that a bleach-based dye could seriously damage your hair. If you’re going for a subtler effect, you may be able to rinse a few strands before the time has elapsed, to see how the dye is taking. When you are done, rinse thoroughly before conditioning with an intensely moisturizing conditioner – even the softest, silkiest hair is impacted by bleach-based dye.