How to Get Your Makeup to Have Three Uses

Pink lips
Photo by Miggy Rivera from Pexels

The chances are that within your makeup stash, you already own a creamy lipstick, pink blush, or eyeshadow. Perhaps you own all three. But have you tried the trend of using one product to highlight and beautify the eyes, cheeks, and lips? Check out these gorgeous looks, all of which can be achieved with rose-toned lipstick, blush, or eyeshadow.

Subtle Rose

Whichever pink product you’re using, it can be used to create a beautiful pink glow over the eyelids. Too much pink can look intense on the eyes, so keep it subtle with a wash of color.

Blush Sweep

Sweeping your blush (or lipstick or eyeshadow) out and across your cheekbones can emphasize your bone structure. Opt for a tone that isn’t too deep or purple-toned, and blend it into your foundation—this is easier to achieve with cream products such as lipstick, but do be aware that they will need reapplying more frequently than powder products.

Pink Lip

If you’re using a powder blush or eyeshadow to create your lip look, first apply a clear gloss or balm and then press the powder onto your lips using a brush. If you’re using lipstick, you can keep the lines sharp using a lip liner, or gently blend out the color using a brush.