How to Incorporate the “Quiet Luxury” Trend

Photo by Jason Tran on Unsplash

A trend that has been gradually increasing in popularity is the idea of quiet luxury. This refers to wearing clothes that look expensive and classy, even if they haven’t cost too much. Instead of garish clothing with brands and logos all over, this trend is about simple and subtle elegance.

Choose High-Quality Fabrics

To achieve this classy look you’ll want to be wearing clothing made of quality materials. They may be more costly, but they will look much more elegant and will last longer too. Choosing fabrics with this higher standard will ensure your outfits are strong and classic.

Opt for Neutrals 

A key element of this classy, understated look is neutral colors and prints. This gives a sense of elegance and chic style. It’s also really easy to build looks up as you don’t have to worry about clashing colors or prints. 

Wear Well-Tailored Items

Again, this is something that can be more expensive but is well worth the investment. If you find some pants or a blazer that you love then it’s a great idea to have them altered to fit you perfectly. The difference this makes to your overall look is huge.