How to Put a Healthy Twist on the “Girl Dinner” Trend

Girl dinner
Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

If we had to pick the most popular food trend to emerge on TikTok this year, it would definitely be “girl dinner”. This low-maintenance food trend is all about putting together a plate of your favorite snacks that don’t need special preparation, and here’s how you make sure it’s both delicious and healthy.

Don’t Cut on Calories

The main idea behind “girl dinner” is to unapologetically enjoy your favorite snacks when you’re not in the mood to prepare an actual meal, not to cut down on your calories. Many “girl dinner” videos that went viral are pretty restrictive, so try to put together a plate that contains around 500 calories.

Good Variety

Your “girl dinner” will be as healthy as the ingredients you use so try to make it as versatile as possible. Fruits and vegetables are a must, along with carbs (sliced baguette or crackers), protein (hard-boiled eggs, tofu, and hummus), and healthy fats (cheese, avocado, and nuts) are some of the ingredients that will do wonders for your “girl dinner” plate.

Avoid Unhealthy Snacks

“Girl dinner” is all about indulgence, but it’s still best to avoid eating unhealthy snacks late in the evening. Sugary, salty, and greasy snacks are best eaten in moderation or not at all when it comes to “girl dinner”.