Is the #Feelgood Hashtag Just a Fading Online Trend?

A happy woman
Photo by Fernando Brasil on Unsplash

So many things changed over the past year and we got many new trends that reflect the “new reality” we’re living. While we’re waiting for the pandemic to pass and for life to return back to normal, we can’t help but wonder which trends are temporary and which will stick in the years to come. One of them is very hot on social media right now—you’ve probably noticed people using the hashtag #feelgood more than ever before.

What’s the deal with #feelgood? Is it a well-intended movement or more of a cry for help? We can all agree that we haven’t always felt good during the uncertainty and fear of the pandemic, but many people are doing their best to claim back their lives and to find happiness in little things.

The past 12 months made us take a good hard look at ourselves and ask ourselves what we really want out of life. When everything we had became uncertain, it became clear that we can only rely on ourselves and that in order to progress in life, we must find the driving force and things that inspire us to strive forward.

The #feelgood trend is also partially connected to the body positivity movement and feeling good in our bodies. With or without social media and viral hashtags, it’s completely up to us to make each day count and to enjoy life as much as we can, because nobody can predict all the things that can happen and change it completely.