Justin Bieber is Giving Us One Star-Studded Music Video After Another

Justin Bieber at the American Music Awards in 2020.
Justin Bieber at the American Music Awards in 2020. Photo by ABC/WDTV (11029324r)

Justin Bieber always knew how to make an impact with his music videos, and he’s taken things up a notch this year. Many of his videos feature guest appearances from Hollywood superstars, and here are three that really rocked our world in the last few months.

“Ghost” (Diane Keaton)

Bieber’s latest single “Ghost” came with an emotional music video that stars none other than the Oscar-winning Hollywood veteran Diane Keaton. The singer handpicked her to play the role of his grandma, in a touching visual that shows them dealing with grief and finding joy again after the death of his grandpa.

“Anyone” (Zoey Deutch)

Justin Bieber channeled his inner Rocky Balboa in the music video for “Anyone”, and he was in pretty good company. The Set It Up star Zoey Deutch took on the role of his girlfriend, whose love inspired him to keep fighting and give it his all every time he entered the ring.

“Hold On” ( Christine Ko)

Another music video that explores the power of love, “Hold On” stars Christine Ko, who previously appeared on Upload and Dave. She plays Bieber’s wife, who’s suffering from cancer, and he’s shown trying to rob a bank in an attempt to get enough money for her treatment.