Kid Cudi Doesn’t Care What You Think About His Nail Polish

Kid Cudi in 2017
Kid Cudi in 2017. Photo by John Salangsang/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (8876403bg)

You may have noticed a new trend starting to be more prominent recently than it was before. We’re talking about men wearing nail polish. Lots of your favorite celebrities have been doing it, from Harry Styles to Bad Bunny to Brad Pitt to A$AP Rocky to Kid Cudi.

Unfortunately, despite it being a beautiful and creative way for people of all genders to express themselves, many people take issue with men who paint their nails, viewing it as something feminine. Well, Kid Cudi clapped back at the nail polish haters recently on Twitter, tearing down gender roles while standing up for his right to do whatever he wants with his body.

He wrote, “Turned my comments off on Instagram. Seems people really have a problem w me painting my nails. I got tired of blockin so many accounts. I really need u to understand, if u dont like me doin this or anything I do, please dont buy my albums, dont come to my shows. **** way off.”

This is similar to statements Kid Cudi has made before about his gender presentation, like when he wore a Kurt Cobain-inspired dress on Saturday Night Live and commented, “I want to be a disruptor… And it’s cool because I’m also giving confidence to the kids and telling them to be themselves and do what they want to do.”

Thanks for being such a good influence, Cudi.