Let’s Talk About Fall 2021 Nail Trends

Barely there nail art
Photo by Elen Yatsenko on Unsplash

2021 was all about turning our nails into mini canvases of self-expression. The fall of this year will be no different—here are the trends you are likely to start seeing everywhere pretty soon. 

Pucci Prints

Inspired by the signature style of Italian designer Emilio Pucci, these colorful abstract prints are expected to adorn the nails of many in the upcoming months.

Orange Hues

Orange has a few autumnal associations: pumpkins, drying leaves, and Halloween. So it may not be the biggest surprise that orange hues are expected to be popular this fall.

Deep Brown

Brown nail polish gained popularity in the winter of 2020, and it has grown even more popular this year, making its way to a top fall 2021 color. This very season-appropriate color works on a variety of different skin tones.


While we’re on the topic of dark and dramatic fall colors, the traditional deep red is expected to surge in popularity this year. Think deep berry hues or merlot.

Barely There Nudes

Sheer nails, soft pinks, and nude shades are trending big this fall. To balance out the subtlety, you can ask your nail tech for a longer length.