#Mindfulencing is the Latest Social Media Trend

Have you heard about mindfluencing? Social media influencers have never had as much power as they do today and many of them are realizing the importance of sending the right message to their followers.

Mindful influencing, also known as mindfluencing, is a movement run by bloggers who want to motivate their followers to share a positive attitude on social media. Social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are often used for negative, non-constructive communication and this is what they are trying to change.

It’s already well-known that lives of people we see on social media don’t look anything like that in reality. In just ten minutes, using a few simple tools, anyone can adjust the photos and write a wise caption that “reflects” their “perfect” life. The followers can never know what’s behind the staged photo they see and they are left to compare their real lives with heavily airbrushed lives of others.

This has devastating consequences. Social media users often suffer from lack of self esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, and negative thoughts about themselves. Could #mindfluencing be the solution to these problems?