Natural Lips Are All The Rage

Natural lips
Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash

If you’re looking for a way to look nice but not overdone, natural lips might be the perfect answer. This style can complement any occasion, from casual daywear to night out. And it’s pretty low maintenance. Let’s take a closer look.

Understanding the Natural Lips Trend

Natural lips are all about embracing the natural color and texture of your lips. This trend steers away from bold colors and heavy makeup, focusing on a more natural, understated look. It’s not about going completely bare but enhancing your lips in subtle ways that highlight their natural beauty.

How to Wear Natural Lips 

Select a nude or clear gloss that closely matches your natural lip color. Tinted lip balms are also a great option for adding just a hint of color while keeping the look natural. 

For a more polished look, lightly define your lips with a lip pencil that matches your natural lip color. This can help shape your lips without looking overdone.

Add a dab of highlighter to your cupid’s bow to accentuate the shape of your lips and add a subtle glow.

Remember, the goal isn’t perfection. Embrace the unique color and shape of your lips and let your natural beauty shine through.