Orange Outfits Give Us Life This Spring

Woman wearing orange dress
Photo by Vu Thu Giang on Unsplash

Orange can seem like an odd color to wear, especially if you’re not that into bright colors anyway. Still, after many celebs have rocked the color on the red carpet, it’s one of the trendiest shades for this spring and summer and there are many ways you can wear it and look great. 

Designers have been trying to incorporate this color in their collections for a few seasons, and it’s finally working out. There are many shades you can choose from, but the bright orange shade is the most popular. Can you imagine wearing classic orange in any outfit? 

We’re really surprised how great orange can look with neutrals. It’s truly one of the best bright colors you can choose when you want to freshen up a neutral outfit. It goes great with beige, gray, white, or black, and it’s actually easy to combine it with the rest of your clothes when you don’t try to combine too many different colors.

For those who enjoy bold fashion choices and aren’t afraid to experiment, orange represents a great starting base for colorful spring and summer outfits that will make everyone notice you wherever you go! Scroll down for some inspiration if you’re not sure where to start. Orange may not be for everyone, but if you realize it works for you, it may easily become your favorite.