Reality TV is Here to Stay & Will Be Going Stronger Than Ever in 2021

Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten in "Love Is Blind"

When E! announced the end of Keeping Up with the Kardashians earlier this year, some people were quick to announce the death of reality TV as we know it—but they couldn’t have been more wrong. Guilty pleasure reality shows are alive and kicking, and they’ll be going stronger than ever in 2021.

The Bachelor, Survivor, and 90-Day Fiancé have been thriving this year, and many new players entered the reality TV scene as well. After years of giving us prestige dramas and inventive comedies, major streamers came to terms with the fact that reality TV is much more addictive and comes with a lower price tag.

The Circle and Love Is Blind premiered on Netflix this year and found such an enormous success that they’ve been renewed for additional two seasons. This streaming giant is plotting at least 10 reality shows for 2021 at the moment, and we’re expecting this list will get much longer in the months to come.

To make the whole thing even more amazing, Netflix won’t be the only major streamer relying on reality TV next year. Hulu signed a multi-year partnership with the Kardashians after their departure from E!, and they’re also plotting a series that will center on TikTok stars Dixie and Charli D’Amelio and the rest of their family.