Samsung Released It’s Upgraded SmartTag 2: Here’s What’s New

Samsung recently launched their upgraded Galaxy SmartTag2. This new device promises to bring significant enhancements to the Galaxy SmartTag line, offering innovative ways to track and locate valuables. Here’s a detailed look at what the Galaxy SmartTag2 brings to the table.

Enhanced Features for Better Tracking

Galaxy SmartTag2 introduces a new Lost Mode, allowing you to attach your contact information to the tag. If someone finds an item with a SmartTag2, they can easily access the owner’s details using their NFC-enabled smartphone. This feature is particularly useful for pet owners if you plan on attaching the tag to a pet’s collar.

Upgraded SmartThings Find App

The SmartThings Find app has also received significant updates. Newly registered Galaxy SmartTags now automatically install a shortcut to the app on the user’s smartphone for quicker access. 

Longer Battery Life with New Modes

The SmartTag2 comes with a brand-new Power Saving Mode, extending the battery life up to 700 days. The Normal mode also sees an increase in battery life to 500 days. You can switch between modes depending on your needs.

Sleek, Durable Design

Finally, the SmartTag2 comes in a new compact size and a ring-shaped design for ease of use. Plus, it’s made from more durable material.