Shift Robotics’ Moonwalkers are the Shoes of the Future

Technology is changing everything. And apparently, that even includes the way we walk. Shift Robotics is set to unveil its latest innovation in personal mobility: the Moonwalkers X. These are the next-generation robotic shoes.

The Moonwalkers, which went viral in 2022 as the “world’s fastest shoes,” aren’t just ordinary shoes. They attach over your existing footwear, transforming every step into a smooth, gliding motion. This nano-mobility device allows you to walk up to three times faster, combining speed with the natural movement of walking. But the new model comes with upgrades. 

The Moonwalkers X represents a significant leap forward from the original Moonwalkers model. Each shoe is now remarkably lighter, shedding a full pound, a change that promises to enhance wearability and comfort. The advancements don’t stop at weight reduction. 

Shift Robotics has executed a comprehensive overhaul of the Moonwalkers’ control system. This upgrade is about new safety and agility features—a crucial feature for the fast-paced environments in which they are intended to be used.

The target audience right now is businesses and commercial applications. Moonwalkers X are perfect in jobs like distribution, logistics, and warehousing. But who knows, in a couple of years we might all be wearing them!