Squiggly Décor Will Give Your Home a Funky Twist

Squiggly décor. The latest design trend.
Image via lucaph/depositphotos

Over the past 10 years or so, chevron was super stylish, but this angular pattern is now being replaced with a looser, curvier pattern—the squiggle. These groovy and doodle-like patterns are popping up all over home décor this year and it’s a great way to add a retro-vibe and color to your living space. Looking for some inspiration? Here are some ways to incorporate squiggles into your home décor.

Colorful Wavy Candles

Give your dining and living room some pizazz with fun, colorful candles. If you’re feeling creative, there are tons of DIYs out there for making your own.

Abstract Mirror

Instead of looking for a square, circular, or rectangular mirror, try a funky one, for a unique statement piece that will have all of your guests mesmerized. You’ll want to check yourself out in this mirror.

Squiggle Rug

Incorporate a retro, shag rug with ’70s-colors and wavy lines into your bedroom and disco the night away.

Curvy Vase

Your flowers will be catching everyone’s attention with these fun, vibrant vases that have both a modern and retro feel. Don’t be afraid to look for ones in bright colors.