Stay on Top of Interior Decor Trends With Plants

Image by DarthZuzanka from Pixabay

Getting a new plant is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your home, and now it’s also one of the trendiest ways to do it. If you didn’t get into plants last year or before that, it’s about time to catch up and get a few of them, because they can look so amazing against any style.

In 2020, interior decor is going to be all about plants, natural materials, and warm colors. Browsing through Pinterest and Instagram assured us that plants work great in all kinds of interiors, and that they always make them more beautiful.

You can experiment with big and small plants and with many different kinds of pots. Some are even great for bathrooms, because they thrive in wet and dark places, so you’re only limited by your imagination.

With a few plants and a little bit of creativity, you can achieve a lot. If you need inspiration, scroll down for the photos we’ve chosen for you, and don’t be afraid to add your own ideas – you can never have too many plants!