The 3 Biggest Travel Trends to Expect in 2021

Photo by Philipp Kämmerer on Unsplash

The travel industry has changed a lot since the pandemic started and it can be difficult to see how it may look next year. While we’re all hoping for this nightmare to be over together with the year 2020, let’s see what may be the biggest travel trends for 2021.

Life on the Road

Working outside of the office has become a lifestyle for many of us but there’s no reason to be stuck at home all the time. Working and traveling is not just for freelancers anymore so you can start thinking about exploring new places next year while working from hotels, cafes, and beach bars.


Many people will be reluctant to travel far away in 2021 and instead choose to spend their vacations close to home, exploring their home towns and nearby places. This can be a very good thing from the ecological point of view but also for supporting local businesses and learning more about the culture of the place where you live.

Unique Accommodation

Travelers will search for new adventures and one way to do that will be looking for unusual accommodation. Sleeping in treehouses, rustic apartments, and cottages will soon become more popular than staying at hotels and modern city apartments.