The Best Cast Reunion That Happened at This Year’s Emmys

Calista Flockhart at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards in January 2024
Calista Flockhart at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards in January 2024. Photo by JC Olivera/PictureGroup for FOX/Shutterstock (14301926hi)

The 75th annual Primetime Emmy Awards turned out to be more than just a celebration of the year’s television achievements. Among the highlights was the memorable reunion of the cast of Fox’s Ally McBeal, which took us back to the late ’90s and early 2000s, when the show was a cultural touchstone.

The reunion was a beautifully orchestrated trip down memory lane. Calista Flockhart, aka Ally McBeal, appeared on stage in a recreation of the show’s iconic bathroom set. As the Ally McBeal theme song played, Flockhart started a witty monologue, reminiscent of Ally’s inner dialogues that charmed audiences during the show’s original run.

The nostalgia didn’t stop there. Greg Germann, Peter MacNicol, and Gil Bellows joined Flockhart, emerging from the bathroom stalls in a humorous nod to the show’s famous fantasy sequences. Together, they performed one of the show’s signature dance numbers, bringing the audience at Los Angeles’ Peacock Theater to a wave of applause and excitement.

All in all, the Ally McBeal reunion was a standout moment of the night. It encapsulates the essence of the Emmy’s theme of celebrating historic television while honoring current achievements and it left everyone with a warm feeling in their heart and a smile on their face.