The Sober Curious Trend is Taking Off

Photo by Rirri on Unsplash

As we enter a new year, many of us are making commitments to improve our health, wellbeing, and general lifestyle. One of the most popular ways to approach this is to dip into—or wholeheartedly embrace—the “sober curious” trend. Rather than swearing off alcohol altogether, this lifestyle involves significantly reducing your alcohol intake whilst enjoying alternatives, including 0% alcohol beers, beautifully crafted alcohol-free spirits, and healthy, tasty smoothies. Read on for three key reasons why this lifestyle could be for you.


As with so many alcohol-related issues, health is top of many people’s agenda when they try the sober curious lifestyle. We all know that drinking to excess is bad for us, and swapping out some of your Friday night cocktails for mocktails can make a massive difference in terms of your energy levels, skin and hair health, emotional state, and sleep. Why not order in some artisanal “gin” to make some mocktails, a good one has all the flavor and aroma of the real stuff, only with 0% alcohol.


If you’re going out for drinks regularly, you don’t need to be told how expensive drinking alcohol can be. Whether you’re picking up a round for your friends or simply treating yourself to a few after-work wines, these bills can mount up. Whilst ordering low-or-no-alcohol drinks out can still get pricey, you will tend to drink less of them, as mocktails and the like won’t have the hazy effect that makes you forget quite how much you’ve already consumed.

Enjoy the Moment

If health and money aren’t motivators, many people find that when they’re drinking less, they actually have a better time. Memories are clearer, conversations make sense, and you can leave the party or event at a sensible time, basking in the glow of satisfaction that comes from knowing that tomorrow, there will be no hangover to contend with. A sober curious approach means you can still enjoy a few drinks here and then if the mood does strike you, but not every event will centre around the alcohol.